Sabrina Dewes is a Latina-Canadian photographer and visual storyteller based in Toronto, Ontario. She is a current student at Toronto Metropolitan University’s Photography program. The focus of her work includes portrait, commercial, fashion and editorial photography. Her creative work is known for exploring themes of identity, human experience and fashion, showcasing a deep appreciation for portraiture and narrative visualization.
Her work takes a creative and modern approach inspired by the needs of her clients. Sabrina believes in teamwork and creative collaboration, which empowers the production of a project. 
Sabrina uses photography as an outlet for self-expression and creative thinking to capture her ideas and perception of the world around her. Through her lens, she intends to display her passion and creativity of the world in hopes that it will resonate with people alike and conjure inspiration.

2022 APRIL | Maximum Exposure 27 - Toronto, ON
2023 FEBRUARY | Image Arts Vitrines, Group Show
2023 APRIL | First Edition Photo Book Show - Artspace Gallery - Toronto, ON
2023 MARCH - APRIL | "Dissonance" - Image Arts Gallery 310 - Toronto, ON
2023 APRIL | "Tudo Passa" Image Arts Vitrines
2023 APRIL | Maximum Exposure 28 - Toronto, ON
2023 APRIL | Image Arts Third Year Show - Toronto, ON
2024 APRIL | "Minha Querida" - Maximum Exposure 29 - Toronto, ON
2022 December | Function Zine 24.1 - Toronto, ON
2023 January | MALVIE Magazine "Beauty & Feelings"
2023 April | Function 24 - Toronto, ON
2024 April | Function 25 Student Spotlight - Toronto, ON
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