"Dissonance" is a collaboration between printed images and the physical space. I've created an elaborate web of images and yarn to tell the story of self-conflict. Dissonance has exhibited at the Image Arts 310 gallery from March 13th to April 13th, 2023. It is also my first ever solo gallery show.
"By using yarn and self-portraiture to symbolize mind and body, Dissonance speaks to the common experience of internal conflict. This piece examines what our thought processes may look and feel like by visualizing the sporadic pattern that our minds create.
The yarn interacts and moves around the body in different ways while the body retaliates against the yarn, creating a disordered connection between the various parts of the piece, much like how someone thinks. The mix of both physical and photographic manipulation between the yarn and body symbolizes the clash of inner conflict that comes with being in disagreement with oneself. 
As I create, or when contemplating an idea, it is never an organized pathway to what I end up concluding to. Sometimes I get so indecisive or confused, it can feel like my body is fighting against my mind which causes the struggle that comes with internal conflict. My approach to creating Dissonance is directly inspired by my own internal thinking patterns and how it looks to me in my mind."

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