Tudo Passa
It is so easy to get lost within the limits of time. We often forget how fast our lives pass, and before we know it, it is all over. Even in our darkest moments, we find ourselves begging for it to all come to an end. The magic words that my parents used to say to me, “Tudo Passa,” would suddenly regain my balance.
 Tudo Passa is a series of images that speak on the cycle of life. I live by the belief that nothing lasts forever and life is temporary. Whether it be a moment of pain or a joyous situation, the Portuguese phrase “Tudo Passa” reminds us of the reality that all things will pass. Growing up in a Brazilian household, I would hear this Portuguese phrase regularly, and Tudo Passa became an important philosophy in my life.
 This series is my interpretation of this phrase which can mean differently to others. I find both comfort and grief in this phrase which is an aspect I strongly wanted to include in this piece. I have learned a lot with “Tudo Passa,” and although I am faced with the harsh truth of this reality, I am able to find some beauty and sentimental value within it.
 The pomegranate resembles a heart. Considering this phrase is emotional and grim, the destruction of the pomegranate best suited my interpretation of Tudo Passa. The pomegranate means both happiness and misery; the human subject within the images is life.
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